Cone Crusher Liners

Manufacturer of Cone Crusher Liners & parts — improve performance through optimisation
In order to help your site maximise its operational performance, we design Cone Crusher Liners and wear parts that are tailored specifically with your needs and goals in mind.



  • Increased wear life
  • Reduced OPEX
  • Increased capacity
  • Improved equipment reliability
Productivity enhancements for your cone material crushers

In any crushing application, equipment performance is critical to the success of an operation, but when equipment is constantly in need of maintenance, it affects profitability. We understand that to keep your equipment and process running smoothly, it may require an approach that is more in-depth than just choosing a different material grade or Cone Crusher Liner. RMR Fab has the capabilities and equipment knowledge to create the best solution for you and your process by reviewing your entire process and machine setup.

Crusher operating parameters, liner selection, material selection, plant process review, and customer goals all go into providing our customers with the ideal solutions. If more than one option is available, we offer cost-benefit options to make the decision-making process easier for you.

Improve capacity and reduce OPEX with the correct Cone Material Crusher Liner
Increased Wear Life – Uptime matters. By selecting the correct combination of liner profile, materials, and machine setup, we can help you improve your wear life to increase equipment uptime.

Reduced OPEX – Reducing your operating expenditures is a constant concern, especially as costs keep rising. We are capable of providing not only technical solutions to save on your OPEX, but we can also provide various commercial solutions to help as well.

Increased Capacity – Keeping your operation running at even higher capacities is always on your mind. Our Cone Crusher Liners and service offerings can help you to achieve your production targets.

Improved Equipment Reliability – With the right Cone Crusher Liners and services, you can better rely on your equipment to continually get the job done.

  • Bowl liner wedges and hardware
  • Linebacker – liner epoxy backing compound
  • Locking bolt liner
  • T and U seals
  • Torch rings, locking bolts, feed plates
Cone Crusher Liners — find the correct solution for your application
Using our knowledge as an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), we ensure that the supplied product is correct for your equipment and application. We offer Cone Crusher Liners tailored to your needs and manufactured to help you find increased productivity.
    Here is what sets our Cone Crusher Liners apart:
  • Cone Crusher Liner design is selected based on customers’ application
  • We use high quality materials and a robust
  • Quality Control Program for all liners
  • We have a proven reputation of standing behind til product and its selection
  • We offer a catalogue of standard designs, but also have custom designs available
Specific products
  • Crusher Mantle Liner
  • Crusher Bowl Liner
  • Manganese Liners
  • Arm Guards
  • Mainframe Liners
  • Feed Plates
FLSmidth OEM product brands
  • Raptor
  • FFE-Minerals
  • XL, ECT
  • Linebacker