Why Choose RMR FAB?

We’re not your ordinary metal fabrication company. We believe in embodying the extraordinary in all that we do. That’s the RMR FAB Experience.


The RMR Experience

Since our inception, RMR FAB has amassed extensive experience in both industrial and infrastructure fabrication, positioning us as a trusted leader in the metal fabrication industry. With a comprehensive range of capabilities, we specialize in the production of complex structures and equipment, serving clients from various sectors such as construction, infrastructure, mining, aggregate, local & state governments, and more.

Our projects range from large-scale industrial fabrication tasks, such as assembling heavy machinery, to infrastructure fabrication work like bridge parts and mining equipment. This vast array of experience enables us to have a deep understanding of the unique challenges and requirements presented by each sector, and adapt our approach to deliver tailored solutions.

The foundation of our industrial fabrication prowess rests on our team’s profound ability to translate intricate designs into tangible, high-performing industrial equipment. Over the years, we have worked on a variety of complex projects, such as manufacturing components for heavy-duty industrial machinery and tools, assembly line parts, and production line equipment. With an unyielding commitment to precision and quality, we leverage our advanced machinery and our team’s technical proficiency to exceed our client’s expectations.

Simultaneously, we have demonstrated consistent excellence in infrastructure fabrication, having contributed to several noteworthy construction projects across the country. Our portfolio includes the fabrication of structural steel components for bridges, high-rise buildings, water treatment plants, and subway systems. We ensure that every piece we fabricate adheres to the most stringent industry standards, ensuring robustness and longevity.

Innovation & Improvement

What sets us apart in the industry is our commitment to innovation and continuous improvement. We are constantly investing in cutting-edge technologies and equipment, enabling us to keep pace with evolving industry trends and standards.

With an eye towards Industry 4.0, we are integrating digital technologies like AI, robotics, and advanced analytics into our fabrication processes. This fusion of traditional craftsmanship and high-tech innovation allows us to enhance efficiency, reduce waste, and ultimately deliver superior products.


Collaboration & Transparency

RMR FAB’s emphasis on collaboration and transparency has played a pivotal role in building lasting relationships with our clients. We involve our clients at every step of the process, from initial project planning and design, through fabrication, and final inspection, ensuring that our solutions align perfectly with their needs.

Our established experience, coupled with our dedication to customer satisfaction, positions us as a reliable partner for any industrial or infrastructure fabrication project.

For our team, our customers, and our community

This is the RMR FAB experience.